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What is Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy

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About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a taking therapy that can help with a range of difficulties and may help to identify emotional difficulties and help to express in a healthier way. Giving someone a space to explore/get a better understanding of themselves and to develop skills for improving relationships with others. Can help with mental health problems, emotional challenges and aims to enable to understand their feelings, what makes them feel positive, anxious or depressed. I believe that Difficulties in relating to others is one of the most central motivation that people bring to therapy.

Psychotherapy can help us to explore and different facets of our life's experiences. and proposes that our feelings about ourselves and others develop through our experience of the relationships we have with significant others in our lives. Such experiences we have as children will have an impact on the way we feel about ourselves as adults and the ways in which we perceive and manage our relationships.

Finding the right type of help for your emotional health and well-being can be confusing and difficult, particularly when it is likely that the decision to seek help might come when you are facing stressful events in your life.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a form of depth therapy that focuses on the unconscious and past experiences, to determine current behaviour. You would be encouraged to talk about early childhood experiences with significant people, the primary focus being to reveal the unconscious content of a person’s psyche to alleviate psychic tension and there is an opportunity to get to know yourself in depth and discover new ways of living your life. Often we have repetitive patterns and ways of thinking that can for instance cause suffering, frustration, anxiety and sadness in our life. Despite our best efforts to decide to behave and relate differently, we drift back to our old ways of being and behaving. In psychotherapy we will work at getting to know your unconscious inner life. A lot of feelings and thoughts we have are not conscious and psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to reflect and try out new ways when you feel change is needed.

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